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Ya Şehid

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If you want to clear the blockages in your dying nerve cells, especially in your capillaries, you should try this dhikr.
With the intention of clearing the blockages in our dying nerve cells, especially in our capillaries. Especially at a young age, the rapid occurrence of hair loss due to certain diseases is actually due to the fact that certain cells work as if they were dead. Our cells are not actually dead, but they are pretending to be dead, so to speak. Although the process by which cells pretend to be dead is a separate issue, it is possible to get rid of pretending to be dead and be alive and reactivate with a mental order given to them. With this order, the name Ya Sehid comes into being with the manifestation of its sheriff. The feature of activating with the 19 proteins present in the manifestation of the name Ya Sehid is instrumental in reviving our cells that pretend to be dead. Especially after such a disease, you can chant the name Ya Sehid 126 times to remind those cells that they are alive again. In order to bring the vitality feature of our cells that pretend to be dead, the name Ya Sehid You can mention the sheriff.
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