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Ya Afüvv

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When you want to forget what the other person has done to you, you should try this dhikr.
With the intention of forgetting what the other person has done to us. In our current life, we all commit mistakes and faults towards each other, and these things happen to us from time to time, even if the other person apologizes to us. However, instead of remembering the good memories of the past, the mind that is stuck on bad events in the past may prevent this relationship from progressing at a good level after a while. The ability to erase the human mistakes made by the other person from your mind depends on you surrounding that person with your forgiving feature. The human body thus becomes as resistant as it forgives. You can help your mind to erase the old records that have formed in your mind if you chant the name Ya Afuvv by thinking about that person 326 times with the intention of being able to erase the effects that another person has created on you in the face of what he has done. You can chant the name Ya Afuvv in order to erase the small mistakes made by your friends and to go back to your good old days with them.
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