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Ya Bais

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If you want to save yourself from this pressure when you feel under pressure, you should definitely try this dhikr.
With the intention of freeing yourself from that pressure the moment you feel under pressure. Generally, we feel under pressure in front of our teachers or in any situation, and we can tend to react as soon as we are against it. Our reactions can also be misunderstood by people and lead to more negative results. This situation is more clearly manifested by the humming in the ears when a person feels that he is under pressure. This buzzing in the ears indicates the deterioration of the fluid balance between the brain and the ear. Re-establishing this balance can take us out of the feeling of being under pressure. When you chant the name Ya Bais 323 times, the feeling of being under pressure will turn into a very comfortable and natural state. When you feel under pressure and want to express yourself comfortably, you can chant the name Ya Bais.
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