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Ya Basir

With our live dhikr feature, you can chant with anyone you want at the same time and create common dhikr calligraphy.

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When you want to improve your sense of smell, this dhikr will strengthen your senses.
With the intention of being able to separate odors much more easily. People often think that their way of thinking is related to what I see. However, along with what we hear, our tastes and smells affect our way of thinking. In this way of thinking, our metaphors of perception enhance our ability to merge with smell and combine more distant concepts. If this ability is not developed, we may find it difficult to reach further points than normal conditions. This is also an important and important thing in terms of health. When you chant the name Ya Basir 436 times and continue this for a while, you will see that your sense of smell has improved. Because this name sheriff has a serious effect on the frequency of the receptors. When you want to improve your sense of smell, you can chant the name Ya Basir.
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