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Ya Cebbar

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With the intention that those engaged in mountaineering on difficult mountain roads can easily bypass hard rocks. When people do mountain sports, as the human body rises, the amount of oxygen needed decreases and as fatigue increases, problems begin to occur in the lungs. These problems trigger stress hormones. This trigger creates a particularly dry eye and the feeling of sitting and waiting. At this very moment, with the manifestation of the name Ya Cebbar, you can activate your brain to secrete adrenaline-like hormones that your body needs in order to climb the toughest slopes. If you repeat the name of Ya Cebbar, especially when you have difficulty in this climb, 275 times, you can see that you can travel faster. For faster and more comfortable climbs, you can chant the name Ya Cebbar.
When you want to be active in mountain sports, you should try the power of this dhikr.
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