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Ya Fettah

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If you want to develop your body muscles more comfortably, you can chant this dhikr while jogging or walking.
With the intention of having a more developed muscle structure while doing any sport. The muscles in the human body are highly influenced by our mental way of thinking. At the same time, the frequency produced by mental thought triggers the functions of the spleen and spleen, especially from our internal organs. With the manifestation of the name Ya Fettah, the spleen begins to process the blood needed for the entire muscle structure of our body. As a result, it may be possible for your muscles to develop more easily. If you chant the name of Ya Fettah 687 times a day before doing any sports, you can see that your spleen works more efficiently and your muscle structure develops faster. If you want to enable your body muscles to develop more easily, you can chant the name Ya Fettah before or during running, walking or any other sport.
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