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Ya Hak

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If you want to get rid of your long-term fears easily, you should try this dhikr.
With the intention of getting rid of our long-term fears easily. There are some fears in our lives that are caused by the accumulation of various traumatic events that have come together over the years. This can lead to permanent phobic functions, especially if it has reached an inflammatory function as a result of a knot in our tongue root. There are some permanent phobias that have arisen for this reason, and the disappearance of these causes is possible with the manifestation of the name Ya Hak. In order to get rid of your phobias caused by any permanent and long-term fears, you can chant the name Ya Hak 728 times and observe that these phobias decrease as you continue. You can chant the name Ya Hak to get rid of your phobias caused by your long-term fears.
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