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Ya Kahhar

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If you have pain behind your eyes that do not go away due to tiredness, this dhikr will relax you.
With the intention that our tired eyes can rest a little. Today, computer screens and the light we cannot see can cause endless pain behind the eyes with the colors of electromagnetism. The name of Ya Kahhar, on the other hand, helps our nerve cells behind our eyes to make them passive in perceiving the colors they try to perceive. In this way, we are able to get rid of the effects of these rays, which are not noticed by us during the day and have harmed us in our body. If you chant the name Ya Kahhar 414 times, you can feel the relaxation in the nerve cells behind your eyes and a relaxation over time. If there are pains behind your eyes that do not go away with the effect of fatigue, you can chant the name Ya Kahhar.
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