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Ya Kerim

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You can chant the name Ya Kerim in order to reach a common energy level and overcome the sweet uneasiness of these sweet happiness.
One of the most important and beautiful things offered to human beings is our babies. In first-borns, the family often goes into a fleeting thought dimension where they don't know what to do with. Being able to raise that child and taking responsibility for it is a situation that causes this short-term person to be uneasy. To be able to eliminate such an uneasiness, which occurs especially in our first born babies, requires a common consciousness of the mother and father, especially at a common energy level. It should be used as a metaphor of balance between the two sides. It is possible with a common energy to eliminate the uneasiness arising from the sense of responsibility between the two parties, especially after such good things. It is possible for the two sides to reach a common energy by chanting the name Ya Kerim at the same time 126 times a day until the two sides can overcome this uneasiness. To be able to reach a common energy level and overcome the sweet anxieties of these sweet happiness. You can cite the name Ya Kerim.
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