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Ya Mütekebbir

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When the fear of the future starts to surround you, this dhikr is perfect for getting rid of your fears.
With the intention of eliminating our fears and anxieties of the future. Whether you're studying at university or continuing your career in human life, it doesn't matter, as long as you focus on thoughts about what will happen the next day in the next time period, stress hormones are more than enough to take away the pleasure you get from daily life. The development of the feeling that the future depends on the day we live by getting rid of anxiety is possible with the manifestation of the name Ya Mütekabbir. As a person knows his Lord, he becomes not afraid of tomorrow. If you chant the name Ya Mutekabbir 400 times every day, you can get rid of your worries about the future. You can mention the name Ya Mutekabbir so that these concerns do not push you into more difficult and worse conditions.
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