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Ya Muzil

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With the intention of demanding that those around you who talk about you abandon this and contact you. We go through a period where people often talk behind each other's back and we don't know much about them. Because if people who talk behind our backs think that we are superior to them, their current jealousy can create arrogance in response to speaking to your face. Although they cannot admit it, you have the opportunity to reduce the formation of jealousy towards those around us with the manifestation of the name Ya Muzil. Especially if you chant the name Ya Muzil 235 times a day, the energy you spread around will change the form of jealousy and increase the need to communicate with you. If someone speaks negatively about you, you can mention the name Ya Muzil.
If someone talks negatively about you, you can be instrumental in changing their thoughts with this dhikr.
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