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Ya Vehhab

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With the intention of minimizing your sudden and psychologically based sugar needs. In the face of psychologically frightening or dangerous situations that may turn into fear in the human body, a serious need for sugar occurs. This sugar is for the body to protect itself. However, as such a habit becomes more and more permanent, it can seriously harm your body. With the name Ya Vehhab, our body's need for sugar in the face of these and similar psychological conditions can be regulated day by day by making use of the available resources. You can prevent your sudden sugar need by saying the name Ya Vehhab 388 times a day. In order to reduce your desire for sugary food, whenever you need sugar during the day, you can mention the name Ya Vehhab.
If you want to reduce your desire for sugary food and whenever you need sugar during the day, you should chant this dhikr.
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