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Ya Bariu

If you chant this dhikr before you go shopping, you can find products much faster and more suitable.

With the intention of not being greedy, who wants to buy everything that catches our eye in your shopping. With today's marketers, we can collect everything we see and return home in an instant, with a wide variety of advertisements or when we are caught in that turmoil in the market you go to. This situation, which causes human beings to be affected as soon as they see everything they see, is due to the fact that we are easily deceived by the things that exist around us. This easy deception should not be a weakness of one's own, but a result of living with the desires and desires of one's soul. The manifestation of the name Ya Bârîu does not affect everything you see, but the fact of attention that will make you see what you need. It is related to the attention on the item. You can focus more on what you need by chanting the name Ya Bârîu 146 times before you go shopping. Before shopping, you can mention the name Ya Bârîu.

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