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Ya Rakib

You can try this dhikr to improve your observation memory and to improve the memory size of your optic nerves.

In particular, people who say that their visual memory is weak may actually have lost these memory strengths due to the deterioration of certain and very small amounts of nerve activation in the eye nerves. I quickly forget what I saw, I can't think of it. If you say that it is not possible in life to find the place I went to again, this is an important sign that your optic nerves need to be reopened. The manifestation of the name Ya Rakib, especially if it is sheriff, is a means of opening our nerves easily. If you continue to chant the name Ya Rakib 415 times, you can witness that your optic nerves relax and your observation memory improves. In order to improve your observation memory and to improve the memory size of your eye nerves, you can chant the name Ya Rakib.

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